shuleOffices / Data processing workplaces

In offices or at computer workplaces, which already make higher demands on eyes, nerves and concentration, it is important not to be exposed to any further stress by bad and wrong lighting.

There are important facts to decide for our True-Light full spectrum fluorescent lamps:

  • A spectral energy distribution very close to that of daylight, which has a stimulating effect on humans
  • Very good contrast vision
  • Better concentration and improvement of performance
  • Fatigue-proof vision
  • Enhancement of productivity with lower error rates
  • Less time lost due to illness

Printing houses, laboratories, surgeries, galleries, studios

Many materials and objects contain more or less fluorescent contingents. Details and contrast can only be perceived in a lifelike way by the eye, if the incoming light contains UV rays in proportions like in natural daylight. Accurate colour rendering is made possible by a near daylight, spectral composition by True-Light full spectrum fluorescent lamps. Deviation of the colour impression and the choice of unmeant colour shades can be avoided thereby. Therefore printing houses, artists and dentists appreciate our products very much.

Private sectors

Scientific investigations have proved that the lack of natural daylight can have serious effects on health, such as sleep disorders, headaches, malaise and depression. Daylight influences humans, animals and plants in a positive way. Health and psyche are strengthened. So you can benefit from our daylight emitting True-Light full spectrum fluorescent lamps in your free time for better vision and enhanced well-being and health.
Furthermore True-Light full spectrum fluorescent lamps have been used successfully in the field of light therapy.