True-Light - the right decision for your well-being and a true to life colour rendering.

True-Light full spectrum fluorescent lamps have been developed in the USA to simulate daylight for indoor environments. Space shuttles and submarines were the first areas where True-Light full spectrum fluorescent lamps were applied.
After breakdowns due to illnesses under pure artificial light had increased more and more, NASA was assigned to develop a fluorescent tube, which approximates the spectrum of sunlight in a way, that allows submarine and space shuttle crews to get along without sunlight for a longer time.

The development proved to be a full success because breakdowns of the crews were reduced dramatically.

Intensive research in physics, photo-physiology and photo-psychology, as well as continuous product improvements, have made True-Light full spectrum fluorescent lamps a unique source of light.

The original True-Light full spectrum fluorescent lamps with their characteristic spectrum of radiation and low levels of UV-A and UV-B rays lead to a good atmospheric environment and vitalize the user on the one hand by its physical properties and on the other hand by the medical-biological impact on the organism and psyche.



The most essential features of True-Light full spectrum lamps are:

  • Almost identical spectrum to natural daylight
  • Definitely true to life color rendering by a colour temperature matching optimum daylight (5500 Kelvin)
  • Best colour rendering properties Ra 96
  • Broader and more continuous spectrum than other fluorescent lamps
  • Uniform and balanced light quality
  • Biologically stimulating effect and best contrast vision
  • Luminous efficacy up to 71 lm/W
  • Applicable in all common lamp fittings
  • Service life when operated with electronic ballast (preheating): 13.000h
  • Average life when operating with electronic ballast (preheating): 24.000h

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions,because good lighting requires more than just creating brightness!